About Edigero

Your business may still be doing well without utilizing social networking, but at the same time you will certainly missing out on new opportunities.  In the digitalisation process of business, one of the biggest mistakes brands can make is to jump into social media marketing without a clue of what they are going to do and on what platform.  One of the first steps in the process is to figure out which social media would work best for you and your business.

In 2012, I accelerated the digitalisation of my own business and professional network. I needed insights where I could find my professional network on social media. It was also important on what social platforms my professional connections were active as I wanted to limit myself to a few social media channels to be cost and time efficient.

Before that, back in 2004, I had already registered on LinkedIn while not really knowing exactly what to do with it.  But then in 2008, I learned that young adults were actually getting jobs through their Facebook network referrals. With that fact in mind, I understood that social media may become very important for every professional being active in whatever job segment.  I also had to take social media more seriously and approach it professionally.  So I did.

In 2013, I started checking my old contact databases and wanted to know whom of my contacts were really active on social media and who was lacking behind. To get better insights, I had put together a simple web application to see if I could better manage that information for myself.    This led to an embryonic version of what is called Edigero today. When I gave access to some business relations as well, I received Wow! responses and the question if there was more to come? Meanwhile I was busy with other businesses, however so now and then I needed Edigero type of services. Finally in 2017, we decided to develop a platform around this idea. 

Edigero went live in October 2017.  We demonstrated this first version on Web summit in Lisbon, in November 2017. We have received very enthusiastic responses and feedback and we are working now on making improvements, a better user interface, more functions are underway.

To make use of Edigero, you need to sign up and provide some minimum data (email and password). We are storing the absolute minimum of your personal data and only use it for make available the Edigero services for you, read the Privacy Policy for more details.

Feel free to contact me directly with feedback or questions.

Edigero is registered legal entity in Belgium
Registration number 0680 493 701, VAT BE0680 493 701